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Thursday, September 22, 2011
Gone and moved..

Well, it's been a while since this site changed, but all the blogsare now located here:

Aussie Wine Guy
Aussie Travel Guy
Sanders Technology



Posted at 02:15 am by ausrob2003
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Sunday, September 17, 2006
Original Star Wars Trilogy to DVD!

So just recently (September 2006), to DVD and VIdeo shops has come, from LucasArts, the re-release of Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI (Special Edition), with the *original* theatrical releases includes, as per their 1970s/1980s presentation (on a second disc marked as a special feature).

....IT'S ABOUT TIME....  I'm so glad that I can re-watch the films I grew up with (rather than the horribly mangled remakes).  The best part is being able to show the originals to family and friends who somehow never saw the originals (from a DVD source as opposed to an aging VHS copy).

Sure, the SPX look a little dated, but that (to me) defines the charm of the originals - much like Raiders of the Lost Ark has dated a little - but the story, acting and directing are as strong (if not stronger) than the memory allows.

In fact, happy 25th birthday - Indiana Jones!  It was 1981 that "Raiders" hit movie screens and what a great series of films it started.  Where are the quality films today?

Posted at 04:15 pm by ausrob2003
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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Star Wars: Battlefront II


I know it's beeeeeen a while.  I've been playing SW:Battlefront II on xBox.  Gotta love it.  I wanted to get the original, but never could find it at a decent price.  I decided to wait for BFII and now it's out.

If you've played the original I think you'll agree that it's pretty addictive. My only qualm is that the units are too alike across the various alignments/allegiences.  I'd like to see some diversity in the weapons and troop types.

The basic premise remains: Multiplayer is the best attraction, but the single player modes have been enhanced.  The story mode is great, and revolves around the movements of a battalion of clone troopers (the 501st).  The naming is a tribute to a clan of multiplayer gamers.  Nice touch.

Now, it's a little tricky to get a handle on the unit classes at first - but the way it works is that you unlock better troop classes in-game.  Score 12 points and you unlock the best unit in the game (e.g Dark Trooper for Galactic Empire).  This is not affected by your profile!

You also get to play Jedi/Hero classes.  These classes become available from time to time in various modes.  The force powers are good, and it reminds me a bit of KOTOR in a way.

The profile advantage is in the awards/medals.  You get medals for stellar feats during game time (any game, including multiplayer).  Once you get a certain number of medals, they "stick" - you get them automagically.  The "Elite" ranking is when you reach 32 medals in a category.  I'm not sure what advantage you get by getting "Experienced" ranking.  You start at "Green" in any medal category < 5 medals.

Also, you get a rank.  You start at Private.  This rank reflects how many fellow troops you get to boss around in-game (all game modes).  A Private can control 1 bot.  A Sergeant can order 2 bots, a Captain 3 bots and a General 5 bots.  It's fun getting a "squad" of 3 bots together behind you.  You can make a half-decent assault with those kinds of numbers.

There are new levels!!  This is the best part!  Plus: Space Battles!! Which is a nice throw back for those who still remember LucasArts classics like "Tie Fighter", "X-Wing" and so forth.  The pitch and yaw can take a bit of getting used to, but it's far less technical (controlling) a space craft.  Plus, you get to pilot shuttles for assault teams.

Anyhow, it's  highly recommended FPS! 

Posted at 03:33 pm by ausrob2003
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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Madden NFL 2006

Hi All,

It's been a while, but NFL 06 has launched.  Picked up my copy last night.   The game intro'd the new QB Vision feature when first run, and it takes a little getting used to.  The default control layout is slightly different this year (on the xbox) but my first pass was a TD, so it can't all be bad... right?

I decided rather than to go through all the normal tutorials, I'd launch straight in to something new: the Superstar mode.  I created a HB with a decent set of parents (took a while to find the best pairing, but you can't go past an ex-Pro Bowl HB Dad).

Made my dude muscular but slim at 190 Lbs and 6'2".  Going for speed!  Once created, into the new apartment.  TD's on the cellphone,  and I get stuck into the game.  Eventually (once an agent has been hired) end up getting drafted in the 3rd round by the Tennesee Titans.  Not the best team, but not the worst either.  End up taking the team to, and winnning the superbowl.  Helped by my HB going from OVR 82 to 88.

Hint: Generally speaking, depending on which teams drafts your player, you'll likely not be 1st string on the team.  However, if you are ever going to get to the Pro Bowl, I'd suggest making use of the Team Depth chart feature on the "Web".  You can make your player the starter.. 

Also feel free to reorder the depth chart so that your team has the best chance of winning.  Sometimes the franchise reordering can be a little weird and not place the best players in the "growth positions".

I found that once you had the persona "Disruptor" it's hard to shake it.  I'm up to the start of my third season and I've been extremely modest - but no dice.  My advice: be careful with what you do/say early on.  Guaranteeing victories comes at a cost - even if you win.

Having made it to the end of my rookie contract (end of the second year) - I switched from the Titans to the Pittsburgh Steelers (Titans went 8-8 in the second season).  The Titans were making 'questionable' personnel descisions which made the chances of a return playoffs trip questionable.

During the offseason I fired the agent and went with once who could get my player into the Performance Institute.  This was a good mode two-fold: he got me a better range of multi-million dollar contracts (leaving the Titans) and I moved from the Loft to the Mansion.  My player's now hit OVR 92 and going strong.  Before I called it quits last night, I'd simmed a game where he got 144 Yards and 3 TDs.



Posted at 04:14 pm by ausrob2003
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